New NACO Website Launched

Posted on 9th March 2022

We're pleased to unveil our brand new NACO website and Forum.

After many months in development, we welcome you to our new website. As well as a significant visual refresh, our new website also includes the following:

New Homepage Layout

The new homepage focuses on presenting timely information and now includes upcoming significant dates and links to the latest NACO news articles.

Members-only Pages

To make it easier to provide our members with valuable, but potentially sensitive information, we now have the ability to make certain pages only accessible to NACO members.

Every NACO member already has an account. Simply use your old Message Board login details, or use the Forgotten Password feature to set a password.

New NACO Forum

Our brand new NACO Forum replaces the old NACO Message Board, and includes the following new features:

  • Search function
  • Improved quoting and reply functionality
  • Daily/weekly summary emails
  • Members-only category
  • Instant access for existing NACO members, no need to create a seperate account.

& much more.

Latest News Section

News articles will now be posted to the website, and with the ability to have members-only articles, this will allow us to update you more frequently, instead of articles having to wait for the next NACO newsletter to be issued.

Dedicated Significant Dates Page

The new significant dates page replaces the previous Word document and makes it easier to find out about upcoming events. These are also surfaced on the new homepage.

You can also use the new form to easily submit your date suggestions. 

Improved Navigation

The addition of dropdown menus, a refreshed sub-navigation and a re-structured page hierarchy should make it much easier to find what you're looking for.

Coming Soon

We've not finished yet! Keep your eyes out for more new features in the coming weeks, including a website search feature, and the ability to subscribe to new job vacancies and news article notifications.

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