Civic Office of the Year

The National Association of Civic Officers has promoted the Civic Office of the Year Award since 2003 and the Award has been won by a range of Councils from a very large City Council to a small Town Council with a part time Civic Officer. 

The award was last made for 2022 and the basic criteria are Quality and Innovation, Value and Promotion of the Office of Mayor/Chairman.

The Winner of the Award for 2022 was

Barry Town Council



See their entry here

2020 Award

It was decided after this for there to be an award every other year so it was planned to have an award for 2020.

However, the award for 2020 had a different approach and was unique in that it was felt that because of the pandemic there had been a new way of working in civic offices and it was decided to have a one off competition to reflect this.  It was divided into two sections, one showing how offices had adapted and one how they were going to move forward. 

Both parts were won by the London Borough of Barnet

View their submission

COYA 2020

More information about how the awards were judged and won prior to 2020 is below.  NACO is looking at the future awards with the intention of having another competition for 2022


The criteria on which entries were judged include:

Quality and Innovation

  • In the service you provide to your Mayor/Chairman
  • In the service provided to your Council
  • In the service provided to your Community

Promotion of the Office of Mayor/Chairman

  • In your Council and/or Community


  • How you have used your resources to best effect?

How to Enter

Don’t wait for others to do it for you, nominate your own civic office!

Entry is simple - "no more than 10 pages of A4 (either electronic or hard copy) (please note that anything from page 11 onwards won’t be judged!)"

In future this Award will be held every other year and the next competition will be launched in the Autumn of 2022 the award for the Civic Officer of the Year 2022 being presented in the Spring of 2023.

For further information about the award scheme please contact the Secretary at

Previous Winners


The 2018 Winner was Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  The picture below shows Katie Neve and Caitlin Willmott of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council being presented with the Award by Vanessa Etheridge of Sevenoaks District Council, the previous winner, and Christine Christensen on behalf of NACO.

Civic Office winners 2019

 This is Tunbridge Wells' submission


The 2017 Winner was Sevenoaks District Council.  The picture below shows Vanessa Etheridge from Sevenoaks being presented with their award by Kevin O'Keefe of the City of Wolverhampton Council, who were the previous winners

This is Sevenoaks' submission  




City of Wolverhampton Council


Cornwall County


Charnwood Borough Council


Bracknell Forest Council


Broxstowe Borough Council


Waveney District Council


Chesterfield Borough Council


London Borough of Croydon


Nottinghamshire County Council


Cambridge City Council


Derby City Council


Prestatyn Town Council


Blenau Gwent Borough Council


Liverpool City Council

And the first winner for 2002 was the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.