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We know that times are hard and money is short. However, we also know that hard pressed civic officers also need support from others who in are in a similar position.

The National Association of Civic Officers is the only national civic body to cover all civic posts and has done much since its inception in 1999 to spread good practice and create a helpful network of civic officers across the country.  Some of you may know of our Training Events, our website or our sponsorship of external training providers. Some of you may already be members.

We've done well to manage our finances so far and we've always had a 'bit put by in the bank for a rainy day'. We think that rainy days have well and truly come for those of us who work in civic offices. That's why we offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to any member of staff working in a civic office. So what's the catch? There has to be a catch, surely? Well there isn't one (really).

What we want to be able to do is build a database of as many civic staff in the UK as we can manage so that we can send our newsletters to you (by e-mail), and information on our training opportunities. Our e-mails will be infrequent (we have 'proper jobs' to do as well!) and you don't even have to open them if you don't want! We're happy for you to enrol all your staff free of charge if you wish. It maybe that in the future we start charging again for membership (it's only ever been £10/a) but you are absolutely not committing yourself to paying a fee in the future if you don't want to. There is no "book/wineclub style - you have to remember to cancel" type clause).

Go on - get connected with the UK's biggest civic officers' organisation - there is absolutely nothing to lose!

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Membership FAQs

Already a member?

If you want to change any of your details provided when you joined please contact the Secretary direct at

Who can join the Association?

Any individual who is employed by, or seconded to, a Local Authority, Town Council or Charter Trustees within the UK.  There is an additional Retired Membership category open to those who have worked in the aforementioned roles.

What will the Association do for me?

The Executive Committee has developed a Business Plan, which seeks to organise training events, in particular a major training event annually, publish a newsletter, develop the Association's web site and, hopefully, develop a greater network of civic officers throughout the country.  We seek to be a national resource for all civic officers.

Is it just for big/small Councils?

No – it is designed to be for people who work in all sizes of Authorities.  Virtually every type of Council is represented on the Executive Committee.

Is it just for 'office' staff?

No – it is for all types and grades of staff and we will seek to be of use to everyone.

But, I'm already a member of other organisations

This is the only organisation working in the civic field for ALL types of civic staff.  Membership is welcome from everyone.

What will I have to do?

As much or as little as you like.  Get involved, have your say, or just keep in touch when you need information or help.

How much will it cost?

Membership of the association is currently free!

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