About NACO

The Association was started in 1999 and arose out of an ad-hoc group called the Civic Secretaries Group which had existed since 1992.

The initial idea of the association was to develop, share and promote best practice in civic offices in the UK and to encourage training of civic staff.

The Association has slowly grown since its inception and has achieved its position as the largest and most active organisation for civic staff and is well regarded amongst practitioners, government departments and think tanks.

NACO is run by a democratically elected Executive Committee and everyone is encouraged to stand for election or help in other ways. 

We are a friendly, helpful organisation where mutual support is one of the great benefits to be had by members.

To find out more about how NACO operates, you can download a copy of our constitution or contact one of the Executive Committee.

We have also produced a Business Plan - a living document, which is reviewed at least twice each year.