Content of Newsletter issued 9 April 2021

In view of this morning’s sad announcement it is just worth repeating part of the newsletter that went to members in February, dealing with the broader point about activating plans. 

“On hearing about the death of anyone on the list we first need to determine what level of response is appropriate.  The key point to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to rush into implementing plans.

“Plans exist so that we are able to make a timely, appropriate and dignified response when the need arises, in a broadly consistent way nationwide.  It is not a case of which Council can do everything first.

“Lowering flags to half-mast is a simple and immediate gesture of respect, as is adding a message of sympathy to your website.  You may wish to pause before deciding whether or not to open Books of Condolence so as to establish what plans the Government and Buckingham Palace have in that respect. 

“As must always be the case when marking a death, the wishes of the family need to be foremost and that can only be known when we can take a lead from the Government and the Palace and when we have a feel for public reaction and public expectations.

“NACO will do all that it can to relay information to its members, but do move at a dignified pace, thinking about each step when the time is right.”

Do keep in mind that COVID restrictions remain in place and do all you can to remind people that large gatherings are not possible and that laying of flowers is sadly not advisable in the current circumstances.

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