Executive Committee Members

The NACO Executive Committee is responsible for running the organisation and arranging the Training Events. The Committee is elected by the membership each year.

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 Jim Babbington - Vice-Chair, Paul Millward - Chair, Penny Harrison - Secretary


Gillian Allwright - Retired Civic Officer

Gill retired in 2014 after working for LB Southwark for 20 years, all of which found her involved in 'Civic Life' in some shape.  She still takes a keen interest in all things Civic and has been NACO's Treasurer for the past 9 years. This role involves not only balancing the books but making sure that Paul isn't as mean as some people think!!

Jim Babbington - Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Jim is Civic Officer and Private Secretary to the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  Through the organisation of many large-scale ceremonial events he has developed extensive knowledge of protocol and etiquette as well as the practical aspects of event management.  He is currently one of NACO's two Vice-Chairs.

Jane Barlow - Coventry City Council 

Jane has worked for Coventry City Council since 1988 and has been manager of the Lord Mayor’s Office since 1999.  Jane has recently rejoined the Executive after being active a few years ago.   Jane is keen to share her 30 years’ local government and civic experience with those new to civic life.

Malcolm Bartlett - Retired Civic Services Manager

Malcolm, now retired, has over 45 years, experience working for numerous local authorities mainly in Committee Administration and Member support and latterly as Civic Services Manager of a Borough (now City) Council. He has been an Executive Member since the Association was formed.

Jacqui Brazil - London Borough of Southwark

Jacqui is Civic Officer and Private Secretary to the Mayor of Southwark and previously worked for the Mayoralty in Henley on Thames.  Through the organisation of many large-scale ceremonial and fund raising events over the years, in both Oxfordshire and now Southwark, she has gained an extensive knowledge of protocol, etiquette and considerable diplomacy as well as the practical aspects of event management.

Jackie Cansick - Stevenage Borough Council

Jackie has been working with Councillors for nearly 40 years.  During the 1990s she managed the Mayor’s Office and Member Services at the London Borough of Southwark and then moved to Stevenage Borough Council where for over 15 years she has again had the Civic Office within her area of responsibility.  Jackie has been on the Executive since 2014.

Christine Christensen - Ipswich Borough Council

Christine has worked in local government for over 20 years, and as the Civic Officer for Ipswich since 2002.  Christine manages a small and dedicated mayoral team, and is passionate about keeping the civic office relevant, keeping the mayoralty accessible, and supporting the future of Ipswich.

Anita Cund - City of Wolverhampton Council

 Anita has worked for Wolverhampton Council since 1992 and joined the Mayoral Office in 2002. The work of the Mayor's Office is in line with the City Council's aspiration for Wolverhampton to be a place where people come from far and wide to work, shop, study and enjoy vibrant nightlife.  Wolverhampton won the Civic Office of the Year Award for 2016, which has proved to be a great boost to staff.

Sue Dunkley - Erewash Borough Council

Sue has worked in local government for over 35 years, most of those with Erewash Borough Council.  The civic office is a ‘one-man band’ and as well as looking after the civic heads on a daily basis, she is responsible for organising all civic events for the authority which includes three active twinnings.  She also offers administrative support to all members of the borough council and
assists in the electoral services department as and when required.” 

Tracy Frisby - North East Lincolnshire Council

I have been in local government for around 30 years, over 20 of them with North East Lincolnshire Council and previously 6 years with the former Cleethorpes Borough Council.  Of this time, I have spent 20 years in the Registration Service and was then awarded the additional areas of Civic and Mayoral Office a few years ago.  Already I am passionate about this area of local government and am determined to retain the treasured history while developing 21st century Mayors.

Fiona Garth - Lewes Town Council

Fiona has worked at Lewes Town Council for around 20 years and is responsible for everything Mayoral from mending the regalia to catering to organising every aspect of all events both large and small.  She is heavily involved with a very active twinning partnership in Germany and France.  Fiona is also a member of a small group of Civic Officers that try to meet regularly in East and West Sussex. 

Penny Harrison - Retired Civic Officer

Now retired Penny has over 30 years’ experience as a Civic Officer.  She worked in the House of Commons before going to the Lord Mayor of London's Office and then as Civic Officer for the Borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.  Currently Secretary of NACO she has been an Executive Member since the Association was formed.

Ita Hartzenberg - Retired Civic Officer

Ita, retired recently, worked in local government for 21 years, firstly as Head of Councillors Secretariat and for the last 20 years as Head of Mayor’s Office.  She has extensive knowledge and experience of organising large scale civic and ceremonial events as well as the day to day running of a Mayors office in a busy London Borough.

Mike Hollingworth - Charnwood Borough Council

Mike has been a Civic Officer with Charnwood Borough Council since 2009, using his experience in advertising to help in this role where he is jointly responsible for the running of all aspects of the Mayor’s office.  Charnwood is a former winner of the NACO Civic Office of the Year and Mike believes in keeping the traditions of the office alive while moving forward to meet the challenges of modern day civic life

Margaret Humphrey - London Borough of Camden

Margaret has worked in Camden since 1982 and has been Mayor’s Officer for the some 20 plus years.  Margaret is an active member of the Executive and being in the heart of London, Camden often plays host to our training days.  Margaret, along with Jim Babbington, also co-ordinates meetings of the Network for Civic Officers for London borough members.

Alexandra Kowalczuk - Former Civic Officer

Alex worked in various civic offices in Leicestershire for 30 years with her last position being Head of the Civic, Members, Executive, Events and Town Hall Operations for Leicester City Council.  After being made redundant in 2012, Alex set up her own company Alexandra K Ltd - The Business Fixer, where she now works with Businesses and Organisations to achieve their goals and help them grow.

Margaret Lobo - London Borough of Bromley

 Margaret Lobo is the Mayoral Services Manager in Bromley. Margaret has worked in local government for nearly 25 years in various roles.  She was PA to the Chief Executive before being asked to take on her current role in the Mayoralty.  Although relatively new to the role she enjoys it immensely and values the work of NACO greatly.

Liz McCarthy - Adur and Worthing Councils

Liz joined Worthing Borough Council nearly 20 years ago as a Democratic Services Assistant.  In 2011 she moved into the Mayoral Office and currently supports both the Worthing and Adur Councils’ Civic Heads.  Her varied role which faces the challenges of ever decreasing budgets and restrictions makes her determined to ensure that the traditions and values of the civic office are upheld and maintained to high standards while embracing the changes ahead.

Lynda McElligott - North Norfolk District Council

Lynda has worked for North Norfolk District Council for around 25 years, the last 15 in the Chief Executive’s office managing the Corporate PA team .Her passion is learning and development and she holds professional qualifications which have helped immensely in managing corporate events for the Council.  She is the GDPR Officer for NACO, a role she willingly took on and the other members of the Executive were extremely grateful to her for this. 

Bryan Magan - Warrington Borough Council

Bryan has over 30 years’ experience of working in a democratic services environment. Bryan manages large scale ceremonial events and has other project management skills experience such as elections.  Like Paul Millward, Bryan is passionate about keeping Civic offices relevant and productive in the changing local government environment. Bryan is Warrington Borough Council’s Armed Forces Champion and is the Premise Manager for the Town Hall Civic Buildings.

Hannah Marr - Crewe Town Council

Working at a ‘toddler’ Town Council (established 2013) has enabled Hannah. who leads the Council’s engagement with all local groups and co-ordinates the Mayoralty, to be creative with the civic role, along with bringing in the traditions and protocols which accompany it.  She often adapts events and activities meant for larger Councils and uses them to raise civic pride within the Town to join the Council and the community together.

Paul Mayhew - Brentwood Borough Council

Paul has worked for Brentwood Borough Council since 2004 as Chauffeur to the Mayor.  In 2010 there was a restructure of the civic office and together with the Mayors of that year, the ceremonial traditions and protocols associate with the office of the Mayor were re-introduced to the Borough.  Paul became the Boroughs Macebearer in 2010 joining the Guild of Macebearers in 2012.

Paul Millward - Nottingham City Council

Paul, who has worked at Nottingham City Council for about 30 years, has been involved in promoting civic networks since 1992 and has been involved in NACO since its inception. He has an extensive collection of civic books and remains passionate about keeping Civic offices relevant and productive in the changing local government environment. He’s not really as mean as some people think.

Philip O'Brien - Erewash Borough Council

Phil joined Derby City Council as Assistant Mayor's Officer in 1984 taking early retirement in March 2015, having progressed to Head of Democratic Services. A founder member of the Civic Secretaries Group, which became NACO, Phil is convinced of the benefits of professional networking. In 'retirement' Phil is developing a consultancy and is Macebearer for Erewash Borough Council, maintaining close links to civic life.

Alison Orde - St Albans City & District Council

 Alison has worked for St Albans City and District Council for some 30 years.  She has worked on many interesting projects including St Albans becoming “Mayfair” on the monopoly board and has a wealth of experience and works closely with stakeholders in upholding civic life in St Albans.  As one of the five Magna Carta towns, St Albans was privileged to host the actual document as part of its 800th celebrations.

Clare Richardson - North Kesteven District Council

Clare has worked in Local Government for over 30 years.  She joined South Kesteven District Council in 1986 and has held a Civic Officer role since 2012.   Clare joined North Kesteven District Council in February 2017 as Civic Office and finds her membership with NACO both rewarding and informative.

Sandra Robinson - Belfast City Council

Sandra has worked as Lord Mayor’s Principal Officer in Belfast City Council since 1995.  She has extensive experience as Lead Officer for numerous city wide events including visits by President Clinton and President Obama and Members of the Royal Family.  Sandra was awarded an MBE in 2011 for Services to Local Government in Northern Ireland and has been a member of the Executive Committee since the Association was formed.

Pat Seager - Epping Forest District Council

Pat has worked for Epping Forest District Council since 1992 and as the Chairman’s Officer for over 20 years. The Civic Office is a constantly changing environment and my challenge each year  is trying to reflect the personality of the Chairman elected, whilst still protecting the use of correct protocol and local traditions in the district. Some years easier than others!  She is currently one of NACO's two Vice-Chairs

Andrea Thwaite - Cheshire West and Chester Council

Biographical notes awaited

Irene Webster - Retired Civic Officer

A long serving member of the Executive Irene managed the Civic Office in Scarborough Borough Council for the some 16 years.  She has extensive experience of organising large scale ceremonial events and conferences, including hosting the NACO Conference of 2009 and had responsibility for twinning.  Many events in Scarborough have a military connection and Irene was always at the forefront of liaison with the Forces.

Beverley Wilson - Retired Clerk to the Lieutenancy

Beverley worked in the Lord Provost’s Office in Edinburgh for 36 years before retiring in 2013.  Clerk to the Edinburgh Lieutenancy for the last 26 years of her working life, she became an MVO in the 1999 New Year’s Honours for her service to the Royal Family in that role.  In 1996, when Scotland became 32 Unitary Authorities, Beverley’s remit extended when she became Lord Provost’s and Members’ Services Manager.