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Can anyone tell me where you source your Macebearers uniforms from and how much they cost? Thank you

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This is a difficult question to answer as there are many different forms of Macebearers'uniforms. Some just wear black jackets and pinstripe trousers whilst some can have very elaborate dress. I had a sword bearer and 4 Macebearers who wore heavy cloaks with jabots and tricolour hats. When they needed replacing I found by chance a local firm which made clerical robes and they copied the existing ones very economically. The hats I had to have made by one of the firms which specialises in civic robes. You could try Michaels of Bristol to see what they suggest as a macebearer's dress or you could see if they can copy your existing uniform.

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Thank Penny for your reply. I have looked locally to no avail. Thank you for your suggestions.


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We have a very plain but smart Macebearers Uniform and tricorn hat from Michaels. If you would like me to send you a photo let me know.

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The Canterbury Macebearers/drivers wear a smart suit with a civic crest tie. There was a uniform used in the 70's which I found recently and that had an Ede and Ravenscroft label. In another life I went to a bespoke tailor who made something similar and have also had discussions with colleges and universities (local) who held relevant courses suggesting that they could make this a project for their students or for the lecturer to make as a sample piece. Have you any local re-enactment societies or theatres that have sewing departments as they may be looking for commissions?