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Our Chief Executive has been advised by the Judicial Office that the current Honorary Recorder is to retire on 1 June and has asked the Council to consider appointing a new person to the role. Does anybody have any experience of this and if so was this done by agreement at full council? Did you hold an extraordinary meeting of council for the appointment. I cannot seem to find any records in the office of what was done previously, so I am working with a blank canvas! Any help is really appreciated!

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Hello Erica, Canterbury had a long standing Honorary Recorder until 2016 when he retired from his role as a Crown Court Judge. We approached the Senior Judge at Canterbury Crown Court who took on the role and when she left in 2017 we approached the new to post Senior Judge who we have heard is about to leave at Christmas. I advise the Chief Executive of any changes and he decides who should take on the role, but he does advise the Leader of the Council in the decision as it is a Civic role and non political.

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Hi Marsha, sorry for the delay in responding, I got caught up in a very hectic Mayor Making and only just starting to see the light of day! I really appreciate your response and we are looking at something similar in Leeds now. Thanks, Erica