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Mayor's Chauffeur - job share

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Mayor's Chauffeur - job share Link to this post

Hi, does anyone currently offer this role as a job share opportunity? It would be good to know the pros and cons of this type of arrangement. Thanks.

Re: Mayor's Chauffeur - job share Link to this post

Rather than a formal job-share arrangement, I would advocate a pool of suitable people, from who you would draw support as necessary. You may have as many as four or five to ensure the best chance of being able to find a chauffeur, no matter what date or time. The only real disadvantage is the need to share work out evenly, so as not to lose any through neglect, but this is much outweighed by the advantage of having several people, who can all be brought in for the occasional big event, where it is 'all hands to the pumps'. I know this works well at Derby City Council.
HR would work with you to establish an hourly rate, so no more premium rates or overtime. Individuals could be self -employed and invoice on a monthly basis, or be on a zero hours contract. If your authority is ideologically opposed to zero hours working, each could be guaranteed a carefully calculated minimum number of annual hours.
If you have an existing chauffeur and your enquiry is prompted by a desire from that person to work part-time you could retain that individual, with all their skills and use him/her to help train and develop the pool I have suggested.
Food for thought I hope.
Phil O'Brien