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Our members here at the newly formed Northampton Town Council are wanting to organise a commemorative event, or exhibition in remembrance of Covid and the lockdown.
Have other Councils actioned anything similar? They were thinking about a photography event - does anyone have any other ideas?
I know that in our last training there was a message of 'too soon' for commemoration however our members would like to do something.
Is there any NACO guidance on Nationwide commemoration as of yet?
Any advice appreciated as always!
Many thanks
Lizzie - no longer from Northampton Borough Council!

Re: Covid Commemoration Link to this post

Hi Lizzie.
We planted a memorial tree on the anniversary we went into lockdown - in our Memorial Gardens which was planted by our Lord Mayor and Leader of the Council. We are unveiling the plaque on Friday as the lead in time for delivery was about 4 months and we needed to plant the tree. We had also did a Lockdown Legend exhibition which was run by our Museum - they went out to the public and asked them to nominate individuals/organisations who went above and beyond helping out the community and created these display boards detailing what they did along with their photo. The exhibition was held in various locations around the City

Hope this helps