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We have received an FOI request regarding the valuation of Civic Regalia and insurance costs. Have other colleagues received a request to provide this information? We are concerned that if the information enters the public domain our Chairman is put at risk of theft. I appreciate many authorities will secure their civic regalia in the Town Hall etc but for smaller authorities, the Chairman may have responsibility to keep their chains. Please could you advise whether you would release the valuation or insurance information or what exemption you would apply. Thank you

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Hello Clare.

I have asked advice as this raised lots of 'ifs and buts'. We would opt out of giving details quoting section 38 (Health and Safety exemption) subject to public interest. The main reason being that if the Lord Mayor or Sheriff stored their chains at home, their addresses are in the public domain so we are putting them at risk.
Good luck.
Marsha (Canterbury City Council)