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Chain of office during mourning

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Our Chair is invited to a Cathedral Service for the Duke of Edinburgh on Friday. Does he need to have the council crest hanging on black ribbon or is is ok to tie the black ribbon on the chain? We have had the chain sewn on dark velvet and not sure the crest is removable (we only received our new chain on Monday). Thanks.

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Hello Ruth,
many of us are wrestling with questions such as the one you pose.
In Civic Ceremonial I talk about what Mayors and Chairs should do when attending a Funeral. The services our Mayors this week are attending are not funerals so I would say covering the Badge with a purse or black ribbon doesn't apply. I think there is a difference between services related to the husband of the Sovereign and those arrangements we would put into place for OLB..
I also say in Civic ceremonial:
"On all occasions of public mourning, either for royalty or for a member of the Council, the head of the mace(s) should be draped in black or a black bow should be tied around the shaft. [But I doubt many of us will have a Mace Bearer present] Members of the Council when robed should wear a black rosette on the left lapel of the robe. Alternatively, when not robed a black armlet three and a quarter inches wide should be worn on the left arm, and male members and officers should wear black ties."
Of course the above is Protocol rather than law and, as always, what looks and feels right, probably is right.
I have advise my own council as above.
Paul ( as NACO Chair)

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Many thanks Paul, that's very helpful.