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We are looking for different ways to conduct our Mayor Making Ceremony while in a virtual environment. We are holding our AGM & Mayor Making Ceremony earlier this year at the end of April and we are keen to try and incorporate our usual elements of our Mayor Making Ceremony. Usually we have a thank you/gift presentation and handover of the Mayoral chains from the current Mayor to the Mayor Elect however our current Mayor will be continuing for a second term due to the covid restrictions that have unfortunately not allowed him to have a 'normal' year in office.

Does anyone else have any plans or ideas on how you will be 'sprucing up' your Mayor Making Ceremony this year, if you are holding it remotely? We were considering the idea of a pre-recorded element to be shown on social media of the chains being placed onto the Mayor (which would usually form part of the ceremony in normal times) but are conscious of public perception on social distancing, although this would be done with masks on officers at all times and we could look at an outdoor setting too.



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We are holding ours physically this year due to it being held after our May elections and no longer being able to hold remote meetings but we are having the same dilemma over how to exchange chains as social distancing and covid measures are still in place. It's a difficult one.