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Hello, we are looking at hosting a virtual Civic Awards ceremony this year.

I wanted to ask if anyone has done something similar and would be happy to share their experiences. What platform/software worked best for? Did you do it via a live stream or pre-recorded in advance? If pre-recorded, you manage to film/edit the footage yourselves or did you seek help from another organisation?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Elisa

We had to change the way we did our Civic Awards in 2020. Due to the relaxing of the restrictions instead of the big get together we invited each award winner in timed slots to the Town Hall to collect their award from the Mayor, but we had a plan B which was a virtual ceremony. We would have delivered the awards to the recipients in advance of the ceremony, Then using zoom we would have done a short ceremony online led by the Mayor, saying thank you to each individual / group in turn.

We have released videos for VE Day, VJ Day and Merchant Navy day which we were able to do in house. They can be viewed on the Chippenham Town Council Youtube channel if you want to see what we were able to come up with.

If you have other questions happy to help if I can.


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Hi Elisa - NACO will be presenting the Civic Office of the Year award at it's virtual training event on 24th March 2021; first time it has been virtual. We look forward to welcoming all our members on the Zoom event :)

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Dear Elisa
We have an awards ceremony scheduled for next Friday 22 January which we are doing virtually. We were hoping for our Mayor to deliver the awards by hand today so they had them in advance. However, due to the new lockdown restriction, we have cancelled this it's not the right thing to do in the circumstances.
We will be hosting the ceremony on a platform called Crowdcast which is web based so one one needs to download new applications. It is new to me but a colleague of mine used this for an online book festival last year and it proved successful so fingers crossed. If you have a look at their website, you will see that they hold sessions to give you an overview it - often in the evening around 7pm as it's an American company.