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The Virtual Mayor/Chairman Link to this post

Hi everyone

Happy New Year to you all and I hope everyone had a lovely break.

I wanted to ask everyone how you have coped with retaining the presence of your Mayor/Chairman in the community during lockdown? Have they attended many online community events and do you have a plan of how to keep their role visible over the next few months.

Our Chairman has attended a few online events hosted by her nominated charity but I have struggled to get interest from other community groups.

I would be really interested to hear of you plans and how you have managed?

Thanks so much and keep safe and well.


Re: The Virtual Mayor/Chairman Link to this post

Hi Amy

We have put it out on our social media channels and our website that the Mayor will meet with people / groups virtually. The up take hasn't been huge, but the Mayor has recorded a birthday message for member of the community who in the past had done a huge amount of voluntary work in the town, and due to COVID was isolated in a local care home and has joined several virtual meetings to for example.

Hope that helps