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When I get to the bottom of the survey and click on Next, I get a message saying the responses have been moderated and then I'm provided with the whole survey to complete again. Has happened three times now.

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The survey is not a scam. It is being sent to all members and I have also sent out a newsflash to reassure everyone.

Penny Harrison Secretary

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Afternoon all - just like to share that I have completed the survey and used some of the free format boxes and it took me no more than 10 mins to do so. I look forward to the results coming through and seeing where NACO will take us next!

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Hi Jane

I have just completed the survey, to see if your problem is wide spread, but the issue did not arise. Can I suggest trying it on a different device?

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I did have issues this morning with try to submit the survey but they seem to have cleared now at it has been excepted :)

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Have done the survey successfully now.