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During lockdown has anyone held a Civic Funeral? One of our councilors who was a previous mayor has died and we are looking to offer them a civic funeral but just not sure how that would look during this unprecedented times and wondering if anyone can help. Even if its standing outside the church with the mace.

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We only arrange civic funerals if the deceased was in office at the time they passed away. Our protocol is for the Borough flag to be flown at half mast on the day of the funeral until sunset for councillors and ex-Mayors.

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I wonder if it might be better for the family to have a private funeral following current guidelines and then you hold a civic memorial service in the future.

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We had a very senior councillor pass away and after discussions with the family agreed that the funeral cortage would pass by the Civic Offices where the Chairman of Council and other councillors stood, social distanced and wearing masks.. The cortage stopped and all those present bowed their heads. The flags on the Civic Office were also at half-mast. The family thought it was a very fitting way to recognise the service of their father within the current restrictions.
Hope that helps.