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Remembrance Sunday

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Following the announcement on Saturday does anyone know what the protocol is for laying wreaths for remembrance Sunday?

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I have had this from out CX following a briefing from Robert Jenrick MP this was yesterday so we should have something today

"Will be updating guidance tomorrow on Remembrance Sunday events. Outdoor ceremonies at war memorials are ok with reduced size and SD but services in places of worship banned"

I'd hold off cancelling at the moment and await the guidance from today

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Thank you. We have already had one service cancelled so I will wait and see what comes out today.

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I am sure that government does not set out to make the lives of civic officers difficult, but constant changes to regulations certainly has that effect!

I know that services in places of worship are a no from Thursday, except for a small group, socially distanced, for live streaming.

Th legislation is due to be passed on Wednesday, but there will be a wish to retain some outdoor elements, wreath laying, attendance by veterans and carers etc. What the tighter restrictions may do is reduce the attendance by the general public, which is of benefit to organisers.

NACO advice for a while now has been to get any plans cleared by your Director of Public Health - they are the experts in interpretation of regulations and they are of course council colleagues.

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At the moment I'm hoping that I will be able to proceed with a small, socially distanced wreath laying service at our War Memorial which will be live streamed. We were due to have a restricted church service however this is looking likely to not take place now.

Fingers crossed we all get some guidance soon! Best of luck to everyone this week!

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Hi All,

We have been working on a 'Northampton Remembers' video which will be broadcast after our live-streamed service (that will now it seems to have an uninvited small congregation still waiting on this one) We asked for contributions from our associations who would usually lay wreaths - photos, videos, poems etc. This is so that people can feel involved on the day without leaving home. Our message has been 'Remember from Home'

We are not planning any outside events due to our Cenotaph being in the centre of town and the concern that usually thousands would gather, although outside we felt we shouldn't mitigate this risk.

Instead, we filmed our wreath-laying on Sunday and it will broadcast it on the day. We also pre-recorded a small parade in our Reserve Army Barracks for content on the day.

So sad that we can't do our usual work on this but I guess online is the way things are now!

Good to luck to everyone - and stay safe!


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A brilliant response Lizzie - innovative and engaging - just the sort of thing that should be included in a Civic Office of the Year submission - entry details out soon.

In the meantime here is the government guidance issued today - hot off the press.

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Royal British Legion has put up the page above encouraging the two-minute doorstep remembrance, giving the wording if required and with a really good MP3 recording that takes people through Last Post, two minutes silence and then Reveille.