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Remembrance Sunday - Pre-filmed Services

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Remembrance Sunday - Pre-filmed Services Link to this post

I've just seen the latest NACO newsletter, which contained some interesting reading. Our Council is putting together a pre-filmed service to go out as a 'live' event on the day.

Looking at the information from Hertfordshire and the statement that 'the effect of this is that exceptions can apply to Remembrance Sunday public acts of remembrance' (with provisos), I'm wondering whether anyone knows whether these exceptions cover pre-filming - so gatherings for this purpose, but NOT on the day itself?

I am making enquiries but wondered whether anyone else was in a similar boat (I am sure there will be many) and had got an answer on this?

Any response on this would be gratefully received.


Re: Remembrance Sunday - Pre-filmed Services Link to this post

I am doing a pre-recorded film that then goes out on the 08 but will be following the rule of 6 at all times, this has resulted in having to do 3 different recordings in 3 different locations, only because my fear was that once we try to do everything at the war memorial the public will gather and watch resulting in groups forming. once filming is done our comms team will put it all together