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Events the Mayor can support leading up to Xmas

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Events the Mayor can support leading up to Xmas Link to this post

Dear all
We are currently thinking up ideas for events the Mayor could support leading up to Christmas and thought this might be a great forum to exchange ideas.
With so many things being cancelled what can a local Town Mayor do? Ours is very keen to support local businesses so we've thought of a Mayor's Tour of the Town where he visits local businesses to raise their profile and get press coverage for them. Other ideas include decorate your home competition for Remembrance to encourage people to stay home and the Mayor will come round and judge them and/or a similar thing for Christmas. We also have a local Town Market that he may open officially.
I was keen to find out what other ideas you may have up your sleeves under the new rules?
Thanks everyone

Re: Events the Mayor can support leading up to Xmas Link to this post

It's really hard. Our Mayor has kept busy and we have taken a more pro-active approach than usual and set up our own safe appointments with him and the Mayoress visiting key organisations (many in our voluntary sector) that have supported our community this year in different ways to say thank you - they have really appreciated it. Similarly, they have visited our allotment sites and our markets outdoors to talk to people, and also met with retailers to welcome them back when they re-opened. You're right though, Christmas is tricky. We usually have a nice event where schools come along and sing carols round our tree outside and offer decorations that they have made. We are now setting it up so that the Mayor visits the schools and pays personal visits to collect their decorations. We are thinking about recording messages from the Mayor for social media and to send to places like care homes etc. I will be really interested in hearing about ideas from others too.

Re: Events the Mayor can support leading up to Xmas Link to this post

Has anyone any ideas for the civic head to interact with communities to 'bring communities together as we approach Christmas. How are you doing this through your media? Recorded interviews, through Ward Councillors, Parish & Town Councils encouraging 'kindness, home made gifts and decorations and food parcels to the vulnerable, lonely, homeless etc. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone what they are are doing