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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if many on here will also look after all elected representatives as well as their civic heads, however I am looking for some information on the type of support other authorities provide to their Members.

We are looking to increase our support offer to our Members and therefore I would like to find out what type of support offer you provide? Is this something that you have increased since covid?

Generally we provide support around the following:-
ICT Equipment & Training (this has included the move to 'virtual' meetings recently)
Member Development Programme (including CPD after initial induction)
Query Signposting
Resident Engagement i.e. occasional letter writing
Surgery/Meeting Room Booking

We are looking to increase support in particular around resident engagement - has anyone supported with virtual surgeries or posted regular letters with contact information/updates? Have you supported your Members with increasing their social media presence?

In addition to this, we are looking to start an annual Ward Member Newsletter. I am currently looking for content ideas but currently suggestions have been to include achievements over the last 12 months, targets for next 12 months, local good news stories i.e. breakfast clubs and contact details/general queries section.

Views/ideas would be appreciated as well as any examples of documentation produced including any newsletters similar to the above.


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