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Hello - I am in the process of updating information on civic allowances and would be keen to learn how other authorities manage theirs please. Our Members Allowance Scheme provides a split allowance, with bulk of the allowance being paid direct to the office holder and a smaller amount that is retained by the civic office to cover the cost of clothing, donations, tickets etc. If any authority does this also, I'd be very keen to make contact to see how you manage the tax implications. Many thanks.

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Hello Lizi We used to split the allowance in a similar way to you but realised that we were only able to save such a tinyl amount that it was easier to pay the whole allowance monthly to the Civic Head with his or her members' allowance. It was taxed at source in the same way as a members' allowance.

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Hi Lizi, our civics receive a special responsibility allowance which they get with their member's allowance. The civic allowance is split with a sum kept to one side which is administered by the office to pay for tickets etc and the rest being paid to the post holder via their member's allowance which is taxed at source. We ask that they keep a record of all expenditure and submit receipts for clothing etc for audit. However, with the pandemic this is on hold as no engagements are being undertaken.