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Foreward/New Thinking - Save the Civic Office

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Foreward/New Thinking - Save the Civic Office Link to this post

We have been advised that in accordance with local government guidelines for the Health and Wellbeing of staff and our community that there will not be a return to our district office until a further review takes place (31/12/20). . We therefore face many challenges in the Civic Office and the wider team due to the financial pressures during and post-Covid19. We are looking at new ways of working and reviewing 'non-essential spending'. With this in mind, would any NACO Members or their colleagues share ways or suggestions on saving money or to generate income for their authority to reduce the risk of job losses.

This could be:-

- further sharing of services, virtual training for Members and Officers, continue virtual meetings both committee and business.

- reduce the cost of office accommodation, agile working/working from home for back office staff with a cyber cafe operating within Covid19 restrictions for customer enquiries, on line payments, completion of forms (an example is our local surgery are only accepting telephone and internet enquiries - no personal visits to make appointments or order prescriptions. Is this the way forward for local government offices?

- If virtual meetings continue, this will reduce mileage and dependents expense claims from our Members and officers and expenses around hospitality/refreshments at meetings.

If anyone has any bright ideas that you are happy to share this would be greatly appreciated as we are all in this together?

Do you have any ideas regarding virtual civic support you are happy to share? What ways will you be promoting your Civic Head as we recover from lockdown or as we prepare for a longer period of social distancing rules come the winter months.

Best wishes and I do look forward to hearing from you with any help.

Keep safe