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We are looking at alternatives in providing a 'Civic Reception'. It is important that we focus on our engagement with the communities which the Council serve. Considerations as to whether the Civic Reception in its usual format is sustainable and best practice. Do you have any ideas or are looking a make changes yourselves with this civic practice/tradition? Do you consider civic hosting in this way a thing of the past, and how can the Civic Office update this event to benefit and be effective for your authority's ethos/corporate priiorities in your towns and communities. I thought about an Open Day/Open House, a Chairman's roadshow in communities, but if you have any other ideas other than a Charity Dinner and not a traditional dinner/reception I would be so grateful to hear from you.

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For the past few years we have held an annual 'Showcasing Test Valley' event rather than a civic day to which our neighbouring Hampshire civic heads are invited to share a morning or afternoon at a tourist destination in the borough.
The Mayor chooses the venue and guests are given a guided tour of the gardens/house/ attraction along with a presentation about tourism in Test Valley.
These unpretentious events seem to be well received by attendees and keeps expenses down - the need to provide transport between venues or copious catering associated with a civic day, are omitted.
Could possibly be tailored for your community groups?
Hope this is useful.
Sharon G

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Thank you so much Sharon for responding, this is most helpful and this suggestion will be included in my report. Clare