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We have recently appointed a new Mayor at our AGM held remotely and are currently looking into the future and the 'new normal' with engagements. Our Mayor is classed in a vulnerable category under the guidelines so we are being very cautious and are currently undertaking any Mayoral duties virtually i.e. video messages, press release quotes and MS Teams meetings.

We have had a couple of queries around engagements and the Mayor's attendance at these. Looking forward, it is likely social distancing guidelines may be around for a while so we have considered implementing some clear directives around this if the Mayor does decide to attend.

We have always provided guidance on each engagement to the Mayor leaving the decision around attending or not ultimately to the Mayor. We would like to keep this in place but also ensure we aren't adding any unnecessary risk. Our approach is to first add a supplement to our engagement request form and on our website page which would advise organisers that the Mayor will be abiding by social distancing rules i.e. keeping 2m apart at all times, not expecting the Mayor to shake hands etc.

Does anyone else have these restrictions in place or are considering them which they could share?

We are also looking at how we can continue the Mayor's fundraising campaign while we are unable to hold civic/charity events. If there are any virtual activities which some Council's may have already held, I'd be grateful for these ideas.

Thanks in advance

Re: Engagements & Social Distancing Link to this post

Maybe like the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge your Mayor be in touch with nursing homes virtually by playing games like bingo!. Or hold a virtual tea party to engage with residents. I don't know if that's any help. We are not receiving or planning for any engagements at this time for our Chairman. At the commencement of office our Chairman set up a £10 Challenge and Members took part. The Chairman provied them with a £10 note and asked them to use this money to create a fundraising idea to increase the initial payment. One Cllr bought chickens and sold eggs, one Cllr make cakes to sell, another made craft items for sale, one Cllr bought plug plants and potted them on after further growth to sell, one set up a virtual quiz some understandably in more recent times have double the money to return to the Chairman, but it has been a huge success as the Members are donating money via card/BACs. I wonder if this helps? Clare