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The "New Normal"

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The "New Normal" Link to this post

We are thinking and planning for chairman/mayor getting back to some kind of normal in the future. We are currently doing virtual meetings and messages but for future events we are looking at doing risk assessments and adapting our procedures. Has anyone else started any risk assessments they are willing to share? or has anyone got any thoughts on what we need to take into consideration alongside the governments advice.

Re: The "New Normal" Link to this post

Hi Claire & all

We've had many discussions around mitigating the risks going forward, once our Civics are back up and running, but unfortunately I don't have anything written up yet, so I'd also be interested in any risk assessments others might have. We've discussed PPE and having screens fitted to our Civic vehicles, as well as the procedures we'll have to put in place and the very crucial role the Civic Attendants will play in us adhering to social distancing rules.

I'm interested in your virtual messages too. We are looking at how we can make the most of the Civic role at present, whilst it’s not possible to get out to meet people with no events taking place. We are looking at the ‘William and Kate’ model – getting Skype calls in to care homes, schools etc to check in and generally have a chat with people, possibly even running a quiz or bingo session (as the royals did). Is this the kind of stuff you've done, and if so, I wondered how you had gone about it - whether you had any officer support from your Comms Team, whether your Civic Attendants assisted the Mayor in filming messages, or participating live online? I think we just need to get going with this, as we've done nothing so far, but if there are ideas and examples out there, I'd be grateful for any advice. It's a difficult time waiting to see how things will work out, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks