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Armed Forces Day 2020

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Armed Forces Day 2020 Link to this post

We've decided that we should still be raising the flag in honour of the Armed Forces. Usually we hold a flag raising ceremony with by the Chairman with local veterans, cadets, and school children, and have decided to do a short pre recorded video with the Chairman and maybe Vice Chairman of the flag being raised, with a few words said by the Chairman. We will have the video ready to then be uploaded on Monday 22 June.

Has anyone else thought about this yet?

best wishes

Re: Armed Forces Day 2020 Link to this post

Hi Charlotte & all

We had exactly the same thought. I contacted the MoD a few weeks ago and they said they would like all Councils to still raise the AFD flag - although I've not seen that online anywhere. So, we are in the process of putting a film together which will incorporate the flag-raising service, with contributions from the Vicar of the Parish Church and the Mayor, with footage of the flag being raised above the Town Hall. We are also looking to incorporate contributions from local Veterans, current serving personnel (regular and reservist) and cadets., as well as a short piece on the Community Covenant. Of course, we are reliant on all contributors doing their own piece of filming, but our Comms Team are supporting in terms of editing what we can gather. We're planning to put the film out on the website and on social media on AFD (27 June) although may separate out the flag-raising ceremony and post that on the 22nd as you are doing. We've taken inspiration from the film which Bradford City Football Club put together for the 35th Anniversary of the Bradford Fire - if you want to have a look it can be found at

It's very professional and very poignant and shows what can be done in lockdown.

So, that's what we are aiming for. Hope that's helpful, and with a bit of luck we can put something together to recognise the occasion appropriately.

Many thanks