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VE Day 75

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Does anyone have any updates on VE DAY 75? The website says cancellation of the event and has been postponed to 15 August 2020. With the COVID 19 outbreak and isolation I would be interested to know what plans your Council are planning. Many thanks Elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth.
I have an email from Bruno Peek the Pageantmaster about VE day, happy to send to you if you give me an email address


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We are flying the our flags as usual but local town councils are supporting various ideas- dressing houses red/white and blue and ‘Toast the Nation’ raising a glass/cuppa at 3pm.

The Chairman/Vice Chairman and the Wing Commander from the RAF Squadron who have the freedom of the district - they are going to film themselves on a phone and ‘Toast the Nation’ and we are going to do some social media linking in to the VE Day 75, British Legion and a few other pages.

Hope that helps.