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Hello all,

Please can I ask whether any Civics still use 'Best Value' recording at all? If so, how do you use it to encourage your Chairman/Mayors to attend engagements (we are trying to encourage more District engagements rather than external/paid for) and if you do use it, what do you do with the information at the end of the year?

Any assistance would be welcome on how you encourage your Chairs/Mayors to attend the right events would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Re: Best Value Link to this post

Hi, we have reduced our circle of civic contacts to focus on engagements hosted by DISTRICT authorities WITHIN OUR COUNTY ; our two Town Council's within our own district. Also, we are hoping to continue to promote attendance by the new Chairman within our own district concentrating on community groups, voluntary organisations, places of education, charity groups etc by our corporate website and through literature, encouraging those in our district to invite the Chairman to support and raise the profile of their event by the Chairman's attendance. I am working on a promotional leaflet. We have a section in our civic handbook on the importance of our civic head representing the Council within our own district.

I have put my own enquiry on the message board to ask if any civic colleagues could share any information how they promote their own civic head but did not get a great response I am afraid. I would appreciate hearing from you if you receive any useful tips.