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Armed Forces Flag Raising Ceremony

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I wonder if anyone could assist with providing me with guidance on the procedures for the Armed Forces Flag Raising Ceremony.

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Hi Sue
Before I retired three years ago I used to organise a short Flag Raising ceremony on the Monday of the week leading up to AFD on the Saturday. We invited local military groups, British Legion and veterans plus Standard Bearers and local cadets who formed a short parade out onto the Town Hall veranda. The Mayor gave a speech geared up to the flag being raised with the usual silence period. A local school were invited to send young representatives who then received an official flag from the Mayor. A good photo opportunity and publicity for the main forthcoming events. If you email and ask her to send you the procedural notes that I prepared, I’m sure that will guide you in order to prepare something to suit your proposals and venue. I have to say that Scarborough Town Hall and gardens was a good location for this type of outdoor/public event but attendances dropped off a little over the years. Probably as it was a working day and because they came in their thousands on the Saturday! Great for mums, dads and grandparents of the schoolchildren and cadets.
Irene Webster, NACO Executive Member and former Civic Officer, Scarborough BC (17 years)

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Hi Irene, thank you very much.