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At the Annual Council meeting the Chairman usually makes an outgoing speech regarding their year in office. Also the incoming Chairman makes a speech being privileged to be elected and being the ambassador for the council etc etc. We also have Chairman's Announcements which at Annual Council would inform members of their chosen charity(charities) and some of the engagements they will attend before the next Full Council meeting is scheduled. At subsequent Full Council meetings throughout the year the Chairman's announcements inform members of engagements and commitments undertaken and a flavour of those commitments coming up during the months ahead.

Does anybody have any good examples of incoming and outgoing speeches and announcements they may like to share? Also would other authorities like to share the Annual Council protocol/procedures and how their Chairman makes "announcements" to keep the Council informed.

Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Clare

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Hi Clare
I recorded a video a couple of months ago offering advice on developing a great end of term speech. You can view it here I hope it helps.

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Hi Clare
In the spirit of the 21st century civic term I would hope that the incoming Chairman would set out a theme for his/her term of office, setting some personal objectives that are directly aligned to your council's corporate aims. There should be no promises made to raise sums of money for specific charities, which could lead to disappointment some months in - rather statements of support for specific good causes and perhaps a pledge to visit connected groups, raising profile rather than cash?
The great thing about this kind of realistic objective setting is that twelve months on, the outgoing civic head's speech can be a testimony of 'I pledged and I did'.
Of course the thank yous and other essential courtesies are important, but try to get some substance into the speeches, so that they are different to those you will have heard year on year.
Duncan's video is a good start point.
Good luck.

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Hi Clare
At the AGM, the Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Canterbury both make incoming speeches to highlight their themes (after checking that they are appropriate) for the year. The Lord Mayor also introduces his Chaplain and announces the Lady Mayoress' chosen Charities for the year. The outgoing Lord Mayor and Sheriff speeches reflect on their past year, highlighting the high points, some of the many events they have attended, what they have learnt and thanking everyone for the support given them thorough out the year.
The Lord Mayor does not announce his diary commitments at Full Council but a brief diary is published weekly on the Lord Mayor's website.
Hope all goes well.