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Sticky Threads
New procedures for mayoral engagements?

by christine.christensen on 3 August 2020


8 months ago

by Lizzie NBC

Risk Assessments ffor Mayoral/Chair's Chains

by christine.christensen on 10 January 2020


10 months ago

by Elaine

Topic Posts Last Post
Briefing Forms

by Darren on 15 August 2018


3 years ago

by Darren

Mayoral allowances/budgets

by Penny on 8 August 2018


3 years ago

by Penny

Title of Lord High Steward

by olvere on 14 August 2018


3 years ago

by olvere

Do you have a protocol for the death of a Councillor (one who is currently serving or a past Councillor, Chairman or Leader)?

by Clare on 25 October 2017


3 years ago

by Clare

Chairman or Mayor

by Mrs P on 6 August 2018


3 years ago

by paul.millward


by Clare on 31 July 2018


3 years ago

by Clare

Time off work to carry out position of Mayor

by Fi on 23 July 2018


3 years ago

by Fi

Remembrance Day Service and Parade

by Fi on 24 July 2018


3 years ago

by Pat

Mayor's Charity Guidance

by christine.christensen on 13 July 2018


3 years ago

by Pat

Mayoress/Consort Chain of Office

by Chloe on 17 July 2018


3 years ago

by Chloe

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